Wednesday, August 17, 2011


You know when sometimes the perfect song plays at the perfect moment. On Sunday when driving back to the city from the country-side at 11 pm, just me and Stefan, Jarabe de Palo's "agua" started playing and it was just a beatuful moment. We were both sad to leave the country-side as it is one of our favorite places and we had had a perfect party the day before. We were also nostalgic as we are now experiences the last days in Finland before our move.

Emma also wrote a nice article (in Swedish) about water today. We do indeed have an easy relationship with water in the north. Drinkable straight from the tap and according to this article (in Finnish) Finnish tapwater is even more cleaner than bottled water. The bottled water contained much more microbes than the water directly from the tap. According to the research the quality lessened becasue the bottles were usually stored in room temperature and for longer times. The microbes are not a health risk but water with a lot of microbes is not considered of good quality.

Maybe something for us to remember next time we go shower, make a cup of tea or flush the toilet. We flush the toilet with water that is of better quality than bottled water. At least as far as I know it's the same water in my kitchen tap as in my toilet.

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