Thursday, August 25, 2011

Avoid Chemicals Cocktails

This is a post I posted in my other blog already months ago but I decided to re-post it here as it fits this blog better and I am reading the chapter about additives and E-codes in Noora Shingler's book at the moment:

Saw this documentary everybody (Emma, Nadja, Clara) is speaking of on SVT 1 some weeks ago. It is really quite scary how much chemicals we have in our blood. They have for example started seeing a relationship between babies being exposed to a certain chemical cocktail in a crucial time of their childhood will in their twenties cause them testicular or breast cancer.

The scary thing is that there is nothing you can do to get rid of the chemicals from your body that you have been exposed to. They will be around even after you are here. The only persons that will get rid of chemicals from their body is mothers while breastfeeding and consequently exposing their babies to a "nice mix".

To add on, the room in most houses being exposed to most chemicals is actually the kids playrooms full of toys.


Noora is also talking about trying to avoid as much chemicals as possible so we can minimize the risk of dangerous mixes. She refers to Bill Stathams book "The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion" and Evira's homepage (in Finnish). I think the Evira list is a bit messy to read but note that they have nowadays also a mobileservice for this. I haven't tried it myself but let me know if somebody else has.

I would also like to read Mats-Eric Nilsson's books on real food and food according to the seasons, let's see when I can spare a bit of time for that. You can also find an E-code list on his website (in swedish).

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