Monday, August 15, 2011

Consume Carefully

I can't say exactly when my interest about ecological and environmental living begun. I think the interest was always there but it took some time until I became more aware of my own choices in the stores. My head was crammed with all the marketing and I was an easy target. A marketers dream. However, as more and more eco things appeared in the food store it felt like a natural choice for me to chose those products. Little after that I also became aware of my shopping habits outside the food store.
I used to buy a lot of clothes that I didn't really need and the more crammed my wardrobe became I realized it was insane. Why did I need to shop more? I already had everything I needed. As a first step I decided to start buying second-hand clothes instead and not long after that I stopped almost completely buying any clothes at all. I was somehow a little blind to my own shopping until I took a step back and spent some time off from the stores and the sales.
We're not in any way extreme in our shopping habits but I do try to consider nowadays a bit more what I buy. I try to avoid new stuff if I have something that works and there is a lot of nice and fully functioning second-hand out there. I also consider the material and the transportation. Can I buy this locally produced? Can I avoid plastic wrapping? Can I avoid additives in food?
Not only I feel better having less stuff around but I've saved up on the money and hopefully I'm doing a good thing for the planet as well.

Some things I have bought recently are:

Some bottles of this ecological cava for our engagement party.

Noora Shinglers book on how she got rid of unnecessary chemicals and additives. Read her blog (in Finnish) here. I've followed her blog for some time already but it will be interesting to read the book. After all it's on subject I am very interested about.

Here is some links to a couple of other posts in my other blog on the subject. Link and link.

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