Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't throw away food!

I've read quite a lot of posts lately on food that goes to waste.

For example, Nadja wrote about how much food we are throwing away. She had seen a documentary in Finland called " Arvokas ja herkullinen j├Ąte", which can be more or less translated into "Valuable and Delicious Waste".

It's acctually quite insane how much food gets thrown away in the whole food chain. The producers throw away food because it doesn't meet the customers' standards, the resellers throw away food if they do not sell it before the "best before date" and then the consumers throw away food because of probably so many different reasons.

Jonas also wrote on the subject some time ago and from his post I found this link (in Swedish) that is worth checking out for ideas on how to lessen the food throwing in your own household. He is also giving some tips on how his own family is minimizing the food waste. Like making grocery shopping for a week and then doing fridge inventory every second day to use up the food that is going bad. This, the fridge inventory, I also found very useful in our old flat, as the fridge was very small and always stuffed, it seemed to have a tendency to hold suprises in the back... Unfortunately my inventory was more done on weekly basis and not so effective. I am happy though that the fridge in our new flat is really spacious and therefore it is easier to get an overview of what is in there just by taking a glance, and so far it has worked out better for us. On the other hand I am not sure how energy efficient such a big fridge is but as we are living on rent this is what we have and let's maximize the enjoyment of it as long as it lasts.

To round this post up I want to still refer to a very good post Emma wrote (in Swedish) on the "best before date". The best before date is to be used as a guideline and the food you have might be very ok to eat even after that. Smell, taste and look before you throw it and trust your senses!

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