Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eat Naturally

Got inspired to write this post when reading Emma's post on the book "Skinny Bitch". Will put this book on my reading list. Click on the link to her blog and check the excerpts from the book that she posted. So true!

I am now halfway trough the book "Lingon and Läppstift" by Noora Shingler and it is touching the same subjects on food. She left out milk, sugar, yeast and wheat from food when her tummy was troubling her. Even if I have been following her blog for some time the book defenitely gives a nice walktrough on why and how and has a great list of links and sources for those who are interested in reading more. I do recommend it.

After reading the chapter about milk and how we get a lot of antibiotics into our bodies from drinking the normal milk I convinced Stefan (who seems to not be able to live without milk) that we had to get ecological milk, and prefereably milk that had not been homogenised. (When we homogenise milk it loses a lot of good bacterias and vitamins).

For that we were lucky to move to Sweden. It was no problem at all finding both in a normal grocery store. In Finland I am not even sure where I should have started to look for it if I do not count the one eco grocery store I know in Kamppi called Ruohonjuuri.

Here's our ecomilks and even if they were a bit more expensive than the normal one it was worth it. The unhomogenised milk is so tasty and creamy and Stefan can stick to his addiction without getting the evil eye from me;-)


  1. Valio har ekologist ohomogeniserad lätt mjölk. Tyvärr inte hel mjölk...ännu. Har lite tänkt att vi skulle börja köpa den, men det är dyrt. Och speciellt när vi dricker kring 3 liter mjölk per vecka och helt utan kan vi nog inte vara.

  2. OK! måste kolla efter den när vi är i Finland igen :-)
    Förstår helt problemet med att den är dyrare-jag skulle helst köpa allt ekologiskt men nu blir man ju fattig studerande igen :-/