Friday, September 30, 2011

27th September

...was the day this year when we had overused our "natural budget" which is, basically, the yearly resources earth can produce according to a report that the footprint network does every year (read more here).

At the same time we are about to reach 7 billion humans on earth, expected to happen in November.

For me it seems to be quite an unsolvable mathematical equation. I remember when we reached 6 billion, apperently that was 1999. That's insane, we've grown by a billion in a just a bit more than 10 years! It doesn't sound very sustainable to me and I hope that number will not keep on growing in the same rate.

It seems that the most child-births happens in less developed countries. Is the solution to help these countries develop? Is it also an education matter? A lack of contraceptives? Religious influence? Whatever the cause, our current resource-use/population-growth is not in balance. And while we are - hopefully - trying to improve are resource efficiency, it is also crucial to control population growth.
Also, the more countries develop, the more their population will eventually reach middle class and people will naturally want the same life-style as people in developed countries. And this will use even more resources... So, not that I don't think it is good to help them develop, I am simply concerned about the outcome.

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