Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Critical

Especially since I am doing the master now and constantly get reminded of how you need to be critical when you read articles and such I couldn't resist posting on the subject.

I am not sure what to think of the person who believed this and this was "news" to be brought up,. The articles are in Finnish stating that researcher Jussi Tammisola has said that eco-food is not healthier than normal food.

These articles make me annoyed for so many different reasons.

no 1. There is no link or reference in the news to any reseach on the statement he makes.

no 2. They don't state anywhere in the news what he means with "eco-food". Is it eco-food that is self-labelled by the seller? Is it eco-food that is certified? The term eco-food can entitle quite a lot of different things. In some cases it means acctually just that the producer has gotten a fair amount of money (fair trade-label) or that the chicken has lived a happier life before slaughter. That might of course not affect the health of the product - not that it was never intended - but the social and etical aspect of the trade was the more important one.

no 3. This guy seems to work with research in the GMO field (GMO=genetical manipulated organism). GMO crops and GMO-maipulated food, are not, as far as I have understood, allowed to be certified as eco-food.

no 4. He stated apparently that if you eat eco-food you might not get enough selenium. Selenium has been added in the fertilizer in Finland in the normal food industry. However, selenium you can get also from eggs, seafood and paranuts.

If you can read Finnish you can read more on the subject here. Noora Schingler explains in her blog that eco-food is not synonymous with healthy (sugar is still sugar etc), but that for the most part eco-food tastes better. She also links to the source on the selenium in fertilizer and brings up that you get selenium from paranuts. In the comments on the blog post there is some intereting links on Jussi Tammisola's work in GMO. Noora concludes that it is the same organization in Finland that keeps an eye on conventional food and eco-food in Finland ( Evira ) and that they would raise the subject if there was any health-risks in either. So obvioulsy, there isn't and, if there would be any risk, I don't think it would be with the eco-food...

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