Friday, September 23, 2011

Better act sooner than later

I have been a couple of times in an American Apparel store, once in NY and once in Stockholm. American Apparel stores are not yet found in Finland but at least in Stockholm you can find them. I didn't really find the clothing appealing to me though, the quality didn't really seem to be great and I assumed it was another H&M kind of chain. However, just learned that this company acctually works quite a lot on sustainability.

You can read more on their sustainability work on their website here.

I like that fact that they have kept their production in California. It is quite ironical that for example H&M has moved their production to Asia for cheaper labour but as they have been pressured by media and consumers on everything from child labour to the work conditions I wonder if it was worth all the resources they have had to put in for working on those issues there and the bad publicity.

Once again H&M takes a step, to take harmful chemicals away from their production as they are being pressured, but would they have done anything unless the publicity?

It's of course good they are working on the issues now but sometimes the sooner the better.

Do you know any other clothing company that works on sustainability or environmental issues?

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