Friday, September 23, 2011

Clean Right

I thought this website was quite cute. Perhaps not too much for grown-ups, or perhaps we can also learn something new in the house. The cleanright webpage is promoting an EU standard and logo on cleaning products. I can't remember seeing it ever, have you? It's good though that on the webpage you can find the requirements for the products to get such a logo. Basically, it requires cleaner products, better use of resources and easy to understand information for the customer, but some chemicals seems to still be allowed.

Pic from the website

Our coursebook keeps returning to the company Method and how come it has been so successful as a green business. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find them in the Nordic's but some of their cleaning products I have seen and bought. And why have they been so successful? They have set up the company from the start with the environmental and social values for example, that no products are tested in animals, all ingredients are natural but at the same time they perform as well as a normal cleaning product and obviously the bottles are recycable or reusable. On top of that they have done an excellent job working with social media and getting people involved.

Pic from their homepage.

There is also a range of household cleaning tips out there using vineagar, baking powder and oliveoil etc. Any tip you wanna share?

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