Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sustainability Marketing

I have now finished my first week as a master student and my first course is about environmental and social responsibilty marketing. Our course book is funnily enough called "The New Rules of Green Marketing", by Jaquelyn A. Ottoman. The fact that it has a similar name as this blog is completely coincidental but I take it as a good sign.

So far I've only read through the first chapter but it seems to be easily enough read so if you are interested in the subject it is a good book to start with, I guess. You can read more about the author and book at

I like at least some points she has made so far, like:
-Nobody is perfect but companies need to be honest and communicate the process they are making on environmental and social responsibilty matters (because you are working on it, right?).
-Companies are percieved in the eyes of their consumer on what they stand for, not what they sell.
-There needs to be a dialogue with the consumers. The way to market green is not to throw it in someone's face on a big billboard with some plants and flowers - use social media, websites etc. that can engage and envolve.

Here is another article on sustainability marketing in case you wanna read more.

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