Friday, September 2, 2011

Use the Better Bulbs

I'm a day or two late on this subject as it was from yesterday onwards forbidden in EU to produce any more of the traditional incandescent light bulbs - or import them for that matter.

I myself have been a bit confused on the bulb subject as I understood quite early on that the new energysaving lamps contains quicksilver and when the word quicksilver appears there is some small alarm ringing in my head. Luckily for me though the subject has been hot again and I got some very good information on the P1 radio station news couple of days ago. Also the subject has been brought up in a couple of blogs so now I feel I have a pretty good understanding of the other alternatives.

This is how I've understood it, to keep it simple:

So there is the halogen lamp, which is not a great low-energy alternative since it might even take energy when it is turned off.

Then there are the energy efficent lamps (lågenergilampor in Swedish) which is a better alternative since they use much less energy but you need to keep in mind that they contain quicksilver.

Then there are the LED-lamps or light-emitting diode lamps that are, as I see it, the winning concept because they are energy efficient and do not contain quicksilver.

Easy peasy once somebody just present it to you and perhaps it was only me who was not so educated on this but it sure feels good now when I got the lamp bulbs under control. More information in Swedish here.

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