Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Impact Man

Bought this book on the weekend. Haven't read it yet but it seemed quite interesting and entertaining. Apparently it is a about a guy who decides to make no environmental impact for a year. Any one of you read it yet?

Reminds me the documentary, "Recipes for Disaster" by John Webster, filmed in Finland. He decides to live without oil for a year. I think the best bit is when his son points out that his camera is made of plastic. Here you have the trailer, enjoy!


  1. Hi there,

    I know this is an old post but it randomly popped up in my Google search for No Impact Man in Finland. Have you read the book? I bought it around the same time you did and really enjoyed it :)

    So much that I am actually organizing a No Impact event at Hanken in Helsinki if you'd like to take part virtually (if you're in Sweden). You can find out more and register or perhaps tell your followers about us at:

    Have a great day,


    1. Hi Irina, I have indeed read the book and I'm very happy to hear about your project:) I liked you page on Facebook and will share it with my followers. I will be in Finland from the 22nd over Easter so let me know if anything interesting is happening related to the event then and I see if I can join:) If there is anything else I can do please e-mail me at rulesofgreen(a)