Monday, October 17, 2011

Rooster Lips

Heard this awful news on the radio on my way home from school today. Here is another article on the subject in Swedish. Apparently, roosters are bred in Sweden solely for the purpose of their rooster comb which is used in anti-wrincle creams and lip enhancements. The rooster comb contains hyaluronic acid which keeps moist. By using this instead of synthetic filling apparently the lips get more soft and "natural", and this way they can call the filling "biological".

I always thought that, unless you had an accident or really need it, these sort of fixes are completely idiotic, but this is just insane. Is beauty really worth that price? and how beautiful is it really with gigantic lips anyway?

In any case this "beauty-ideal" is just a concept created by media. I was not originally gonna post this video in this blog but since it suited the subject so well, here is the trailer for the movie
Miss Representation. Found it on Soufi's blogg.

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