Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small Water Crisis

We are back home in Finland, on the country-side for a couple of weeks, so sorry about the not-so-many updates.

Seems like here has been a minor water crisis when the authorities found protozoa (urdjur in Swedish) in the tap water. Luckily, we live in my granpa's old house that have its own well so we are not affected but it seems some people have even been going to the nearest city to buy/get water while some have continued drinking the "contaminated" water anyway. I mean, it's probably pretty safe but perhaps if you're a bit sensitive you can get an upset tummy.

At the moment the authorities are also planning to connect all the waste-water system to the nearest town's system. This has upset quite many as costs will have to be payed by every household themselves leaving them with a bill estimated on 10 000 EUR. For the ones with their own wells - like us - it is meant so that they also get connected to that water supply, so no need for the old wells anymore.

I am not quite sure what to think of all this. Taking proper care of the waste-water is of course good but is it sensible to build pipes 15-20 km to the place where it is taken care of? Will the system hold all this new households waste-water input? And will the water be properly taken care of before being dumped into the already polluted Gulf of Finland? Additionally, is the water from the community what we want to have - instead of our own well - if it is polluted? Apparently they've tried to clean it once from the protozoa but the small animals are still there. A bit tough to swallow this when you live in a country ranked among the best in water quality studies!

I don't know enough about water management to really be able to say what is better or not but it's gonna be interesting to see if they manage to handle it well.

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