Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UN International

This year is UN international year of forests, I think it is good that they have chosen to highlight this subject as so much forest is endangered at the moment. Let's hope they will keep working on that area in the future as well even if the focus already seem to be at the next year's subject.

Next year they have chosen to focus on cooperatives. A very interesting business model, this is how it is described on their webpage:

"Cooperatives are business enterprises owned and controlled by the very members that they serve. Their member-driven nature is one of the most clearly differentiating factors of cooperative enterprises. This fact means that decisions made in cooperatives are balanced by the pursuit of profit, and the needs and interests of members and their communities."

The S-Group (S-ryhmä) in Finland is for example a cooperative business, I guess the equivalent in Sweden would be Coop.

It would be interesting to know if these businesses are any more sustainable than their competitors. I can't at least pin-point right now at anything that would show that they would be.

Perhaps you have some better examples?

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