Friday, October 28, 2011

Working from home

I was happy to see this article about the eco-benefits of working from home as my better half has been working from home now since late August and he has acctually enjoyed it. Also Peppe wrote (in Swedish) about the benefits of working from home some days ago.

If you have the luxury and benefit of working from home I think it's important to have a space dedicated to this purpose not be distracted by other things while working and acctually having the feeling of taking a break when you go for lunch or a snack. Luckily, in the house we are renting now there is an extra little room that is just perfect for this solution. It is acctually almost too small to have any better use of it. So here is Stefan's office:

Peppes tip was to write down your workhours not to get caught in the "always on-line" trap when working from home.

Other benefits for Stefan has of course been the no-need-to-commute, saving time, money and impact on the environment. The fact that he is working a lot with latin america which is a big time-difference for us, however, as he works from home he can take it more easy in the morning, have a longer break for lunch and work more in the evening again which is not only giving him a better life quality but also our dog as he can spend time with him during his breaks.

Additionally we have acctually saved up some money as Stefan is eating at home (and probably eating healthier than in the city ;-) ) and we use up the food in the fridge as he has to create his own lunch from what is there.

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