Saturday, November 5, 2011


I have to confess that my personal buy nothing new October month did not go so well. I bought some warm gloves, a woolly hat and leggings - for the cold winter! - and then some books: the ones I've been telling you already about in the blog (no impact man and smakernas återkomst) and these three:

Well, practically the last book is for Stefan and the first book is for both of us.

About the gloves, hat and leggins, I guess there is not really any good reason, unless it counts that it was difficult to find these items second-hand and that I am expecting an as cold winter as the last two. However, now it's November and it is still + 10C which is strange. I'm almost waiting for snow, the days are getting so dark now without anything to light them up a bit.

On books, we are unfortunatly both bookaholics but Stefan has been thinking of buying an e-book reader since our old one broke. However, some books are just nicer to read on paper. The good news is though that they can be read over and over.

All in all I think I did good thinking about how much I used to shop I few years ago still and I've been good the whole year. In the end it is not about not buying anything at all but buying consciously. Thinking about if it makes sense to buy the things we buy and if we really need them. Nowadays, I prefer to buy one item of good quality that will last longer than a new pair of gloves every year as they fall to pieces.

During the weeks in Finland I also packed up two plastic bags of shirts and jumpers I don't use anymore hoping they will be of use for somebody else, so the month end balance is still ok.

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