Sunday, November 27, 2011

Don't waste your waste

Finally, we managed to put up the "no advertising, please" label on the mailbox. It will be interesting to see if we will get less advertisment from now.

In the end we did not have so many new ideas on how to reuse the trash that we created during the week but I think we've saved most of the glassbottles and cans now. One old taco-sauce jar is for example super handy to scoop dog-food with, and it's more or less the same size as the old measurement cup we have left back in Finland. When it comes to the metallic cans, you can do supernice things with if you are handy like these bloggers: here, here and here. I'm a disaster for those sort of things so I think I will stick to something more easy, like this. Stefan used one can for planting some seeds he got from Spain some time ago but they didn't start growing - just as the acorn project also seem hopeless right now, what happened to my green fingers? It seems I have also overwatered the two indoor plants that we have since the move - we used to have a lot of them - and I think that no plants under my care have been in so bad shape ever.

Another thing Stefan already fixed ages ago is putting order of the cables with old paper rolls. I think he had read about the tip in some other blog. It doesn't look very good but as they are in the drawer it doesn't matter - and it works! It is acctually great not to have to unravel the cables from each other when you open the drawer and it is easier to find the cable you need at the moment, there is always too many of them anyway.

Here is the one of them neatly tucked away in its own roll:

And of course if nothing else you can always recycle as much waste as possible at recycle stations.

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