Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eat according to the seasons

We spent last saturday in the Helsinki book fair, I had no idea that Mats-Eric Nilsson was gonna be there so I was really happily suprised when he turned up. For those who doesn't know him he has written books in Swedish about the additives in our food, how companies "cheat" when making our food and how to avoid these products when going shopping. You can find some of his books in Swedish here and read more about him and his books on his website here. I think it was the guy who has translated his books into Finnish that interviewed him and afterwards he signed some books. I took my chance to get a signed copy of his newest book which is acctually a cook book on seasonal food. Eating seasonal does not only make more sense environmentally but is also cheaper. Now, it depends of course a bit on what is in season depending where you live but here are a couple of Swedish websites on seasonal food; säsongmat and säsongbloggen. Just googling quickly I could find for example this one in english.

My copy of the book:

During the time in Finland I also finished the no impact man book that I got earlier this month. I can really recommend it, got me thinking at least, even if I don't think we all have to go to such extremes as he did. In the book, Colin Beavan is also talking about seasonal and local food. He committed himself to only eating food from a 250 mile range, no greenhouse grown food, neither seafood or beef. If I understood correctly they didn't use fridge or freezer either. You can read his blog here.

In the Nordics though that can be a bit difficult as nothing can really be grown during winter so we have to in such cases rely on food that can be stored and saved for longer perods of time. I think this is partly why Mats-Eric is not as radical in his book, but he gives some good advice and inspiration anyway.

"Eat well!" is what he wrote in my book so I'm wishing you the same!


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