Monday, November 7, 2011

Eco Hairdresser Experience

After reading about all the chemicals in normal hair colours I decided that no more. I thought it was gonna be easy to find an eco-hairdresser in Uppsala but turns out that the only one here has quit. So instead I went to one in Finland while we were there.

My hair was in not very beautiful condition anymore before I went:

After some oil-massage, mud-treatment, some eco-colouring (including at least lemon-juice) and a hair-cut the result looked like this:

Still a bit lighter in the ends were the old colouring was but all in all the contrast is now less clear. Next time I might try to colour it myself with eco-colours, Noora did some colouring with henna powder and red wine. That sounds too cool not to try, even though I might have to stick to lemon and other stuff that gives lighter colours as I am not that dark-haired naturally and it is best to stick to something quite close to your own colour.

It was a nice experience and if I go to the hairdresser again I will try to pick an eco one. I do recommend it too if you have a dry or itchy scalp as the products they use naturally are more sensitive for your skin than chemical products.


  1. found your blog looking for henna pics. your hair came out real pretty.

    I love henna and I love e-type :-)


    1. Nice that you found your way here, happy you like it :-)

  2. Some of the eco- color palettes are stunning, even for blonde! At least they don't destroy the tyrosine in your hair. Henna can be very damaging in reality but other herbs and compounds can leave you with stunningly healthy hair!

    1. Ou, I didn't know that about henna, thanks for sharing! Nice informative page you have as well, will for sure take a closer look :-)