Friday, November 11, 2011

How to clean your clogged drain naturally and in a more fun way

Our bathroom sink's drain was really clogged last week and I was thinking about how to clean it without using chemicals like Mr Muscle that I've used in the past. Now I am not sure if the chemicals in Mr Muscle are bad for the environment or not but I wanted to try to do it with stuff that we had at home.

Before, the water took ages going down the drain:

So after some googling I found this tip and thought it was easy enough. Here it goes:

Put some water to boil and get three cups, one with baking soda, one with salt and one with with vinegar. Make sure that the sink is dry.

And then you just drop then down the drain one at a time:

1. Baking Soda

2. Salt

3. Vinegar, once you get to this stage the fun begins, buzzing, bubbling and steaming

4. Last pour the boiling water on top.

The kid in me really enjoyed this little home made chemistry and the best thing is that it worked! No more clogged drain, without needing to buy any chemical based stuff from the store and it was fun too!


  1. It's great to know that this method works for you, Cat! I wish it's the same for all plumbing problems – fixable by natural home remedies. Most chemical cleaners are safe to use, as long you followed right the given instruction. But if you're having doubts using them, call your trusted plumbers.
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  3. It's incredible to realize that this technique works for you, Cat! I wish its the same for all pipes issues fixable by characteristic home cures. Most substance cleaners are protected to use, as long you took after right the given direction. At the same time in case you're having questions utilizing them, how to unblock drains

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  5. It's amazing that the results are almost instantaneous. Although, there should be no surprise, as you used all of the powerhouse components of DIY cleaners. Vinegar and baking soda are known as effective cleaning agents. Match them with a boiling water and the end result will be terrific. Still, one shouldn’t expect this trio to fix all the plumbing problems, particularly those that are caused by a faulty plumbing structure or big blockages.

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