Monday, November 21, 2011

On the waste subject

We got a whole bunch of advertisement in the mailbox today. It feels like the closer we get to Christmas the bigger the bunch per day. So unnecessary! I really need to fix a "no advertisement" sign on the mailbox, even though my experience is that it doesn't help much. However, let's hope we'd get at least a little bit less of them.

The toy ads upset me most though, with the glossy paper and most of the toys being made from plastic, which therefore may contain chemicals like phthalates. Three of the phthalates are forbidden in EU in toys since 2007 and three other ones are forbidden in toys that kids put in their mouths, but still not completely forbidden. (link in Swedish).

Here are some tips on how to choose safer toys. But I wonder still why do a majority of them need to be in plastic in any case?Link

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