Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cop 17 Durban

The first news I read about COP17 in Durban this morning looked very bright.

Unfortunately, I noticed quite quickly from the twitter comments that it might not be so great as it seemed.

As the day has passed and I read through more and more articles, it seems that the most general feeling is actually that the climate meeting did not achieve enough. Yes, it succeeded with making an agreement- which seemed to be impossible at some point - but it did not succeed to make an agreement that will manage to meet the 2 degree goal. Instead, the agreement is to "Keep negotiating towards a "protocol, legal instrument or legal outcome" with the work to be completed "as early as possible but no later than 2015" and to come into effect from 2020." (from Treehugger's post)

The Guardian calls it "a guarantee that our children will be worse than us", and reminds us of the scenarios when we will have +2C degrees global warming.

So, unfortunatly, it seems that we are still heading in the wrong way with both economy and climate, but let's hope the agreement will, at least, lead us in the right direction.

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