Monday, December 19, 2011

Generation Awake

Apparently European Union has started a Generation Awake campaign for resource efficiency.

I think the webpage itself could be simpler, it seems you need a lot of time to check out all the tips. It also resembles a lot the EU page I posted on cleaning before. Otherwise, the video is quite cute and the facebook page can be quite useful for sharing ideas if people get involved.

In any case I am happy to see that EU is doing something on the subject, I just hope that there will also be political decisions and they don't expect the grassroot level to do everything on saving resources and consuming carefully. What I mean is that buying products that are not harmful to us or the environment should not be a question of choice and knowledge in the store but products that are harmful should not be sold in the first place. Just today I realized that I had, again, bought a product containing palm oil-even if I try to avoid it. There is just not always time to check the ingredients lists, eco-labels helps to some extent, but there is not always an ecological choice and some products might be ecological even if they are not labelled.

So no wonder the consumers are confused!

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