Monday, January 30, 2012

Catch up

I have some catch up to do on the blogging side as I've had some friends over for a visit and didn't have time to blog.

Day 28 in the HappySimpleLiving January Money Diet blog challenge is about Reducing food waste.
I wrote a post on that in August. Also the lovefoodhatewaste webpage is good for ideas on how to minimize food waste. I've defenitely have become better on planning the meals and not throwing away food and I quite enjoy inventing new recipes from yesterday's scraps and it has never been bad so far!

Day 29 Try Alternative transportation. I was just saying yesterday how a kick sledge would be excellent now since we got snow and it is so icy.  Not sure where to get one though. I think the only alternative transportation I will use  in the next few days will be the bus. Doesn't feel too inventive but I don't think I will be using my bicycle anytime soon and I'm not planning to go shop any skies.


Pic from here.

Day 30 Declutter one place. As I've cleaned the kitchen cupboards  and Stefan's home office when we got the new shelf I think there is only one cupboard left to go though, the one in the entrance with all the dogstuff and outdoor clothes. I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to clean it up a bit, let's see if I have time tomorrow.

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