Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23 and Finnish Presidental Elections

Day 23rd's challenge is to research major expenses... hmmm... I guess I could check our big bills and see if there is something to be done about them. I think on daily basis most of our money goes into food. At least, that's what we found out a couple of years ago when we followed up all our expenses for a month. We both agreed though that we don't mind spending on that as we like cooking and eating well.

Stefan had a good point that our electricity bill has been quite expensive since we moved but there is not so much we can do on cutting that. We try to remember all the small tricks like turning off lamps and electric appliances and we keep hoping the winter will not get colder. I have a feeling that our computers might take a lot of that electricity as well, they are turned on almost all the time so I've been trying to cut on the time I sit in front of it and turn it properly off.

At the moment however I'm just excited about yesterday's round one in the presidental elections in Finland. One of the candidates for the second round is openly gay and from the green party. I think it would be pretty fantastic if we'd have a gay president after having a woman president. Not only is he handsome  but he seems smart and tolerant as well. Read more on the elections here and see video shootage from yesterday here (in English).

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