Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27- Inspire and give ideas

The HappySimpleLiving Blog, which is running the January Money Diet challenge, invites anyone to write a blog post on any of these topics:
  • Money-saving ideas
  • DIY projects
  • Living simply
  • Foods cooked from scratch
  • Easy recipes
  • Gardening tips
  • Sustainable living
  • Urban homesteading
If you have any good ideas, do join!

I did the hummus today, that was yesterday's challenge. It was actually really good on bread! Have to figure out what to do with the leftover hummus though, any suggestions?

Pics of the chickpeas and rest of the ingredients ready to get mixed and the ready bread, we used salad instead of sprouts but it was good as well.

On the food topic I found out that there are some theme weeks in Finland for national fruits and vegetables according to what is in season. This week is onion week so I'm gonna put some extra onion in the risotto tonight.

Here is the rest of the theme weeks in case you are out of ideas on what to cook, found on this blog:

v.7 Potatis (potato week)
v.10 Svamp (mushroom week)
v.12 Örter (herb week)
v.15 Gurka (cucumber week)
v.20 Tomater (tomato week)
v.25 Nypotatis (new potato week)
v.27. Jordgubbar (strawberry week)
v.30 Paprika (pepper bell week)
v.32 Trädgårdsbär (garden berries week)
v.33-34 Skördeveckor (harvest weeks)
v.37 Äppel (apple week)
v.41 Brysselkål (brussels sprouts week)
v.43 Sallader (salad week)
v.48 Julrotsaker (root vegetable week)

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