Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the blog name

There was a post on Treehugger that caught my attention just before New Years. About how "Morals are crucial to environmentalism but moralising is not". It immediately caught my attention because I thought about the title of this blog and how it might be misinterpreted. When I was thinking of starting this blog I had a lot  ideas of different names but most of them were taken. So in the end I settled for "Rules of Green" as it was not too personal, not too limited a name and it was not yet used on the blogger domain.

The blog though is not intended to be a "rule book" of any sort but more a collection of ideas, links, thoughts and news. Then, if somone reads it and find inspiration or something interesting here for them to take on a personal challenge on any environmental issue, even if it would be the smallest one, then that's an added bonus.

As another post by Sami Groover on Treehugger states; Environmentalism is about practicality and common sense, which suits me fine I think as Stefan always calls me the most pragmatic person he's ever met.

So, I hope you enjoy the blog without getting caught on the word "rules", in the end the practical things have to come from a personal interest and will. As I'm learning more I feel the feelng in the blog might change, I feel it might already have changed a bit since I started even if it's only some months so we'll see where it will end up.

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