Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plastic Cards

Nowadays we have palstic cards for most things, I'm staring to get a bit tired of them as they soon won't fit in my wallet anymore.

I got a bit upset when I realize that here you have to renew your student card every semester. That means I already have 4 student cards, one for autumn and one for spring, and both for the union and one for a student nation (it is kind of a thing here in Uppsala to belong to a nation). At home we had one and the same student card for the 4 years of study that my Bachelor took. First we paid the card for a year at a time and second we got a sticker for every year, so no need to get a whole new card. Additionally, as far as I remember, the nations did not have a card.

Feels like a bit of a waste of resources to get a new card every half year, I hardly had time to use my old one yet. Also I have the feeling that more resources goes into printing new cards than printing stickers.


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  2. This is gorgeous card..i really like it..!!!!! Plastic card