Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Start off 2012

I've spent the last hour(s) tweeting and saving links of videos, blogposts and articles that I've missed while I was on holiday. Seems like most people started the new year full speed, I have so many new ideas and info in my head right now!

My life is in a bit of a stand-by at the moment and all my energy goes into studying for the exam I have next  Friday. It's a bit too much math's for me and I have to put all my efforts in studying, fortunately it seems I am not the only one who finds it hard.

So the idea was to follow the January Money Diet this month, I'm sorry I'm a bit late with the start but I try to stay on top of it for the rest of the month.

Day 1: Shop at home
I don't know if this counts but as we are living temporarly in Sweden while I am studying I took the chance to fill up some bags with food and stuff in our Finnish house while we were home during Christmas. I went though all the best before dates and everything that went bad before summer came with us as summer is most likely when we are there next time.

Just before arriving back though we still had a visit to the local store for some fresh groceries, but we were lucky as most things were 50 % off, they still had a great amount of Christmas food that they were now selling away very cheap as the best before dates were getting closer. So I managed to grab some excellent salmon and brie-cheese. However, I left the ginger-bread, but let's hope they do not all go to waste:

Day 2: Plan your meals
This is something we've done since September and it's worked pretty well. Of course there is some improvising still when we haven't had the time to cook what was planned or something we bought is going bad earlier than we thought but we have managed better with not throwing food wich has been the main point I find it acctually fun to try new recipes and think about what is in season or what we can to with the salad that was left-over yesterday. Sometimes I wish I had more time to cook though!

Day 3: Finish something
This was a more difficult I said I have mostly the exam in my head right now but luckily I now it will be over by Jan 13th (if I just pass!)
Something I should do that could save us some more money, is to check the car insurance I just got when we registered the car in Sweden. It seemed to be veeery high compared to the one we had in Finland. So if anyone has a tip on a cheap(er) insurance in Sweden let me know!

Day 4: Pay less for gas
I 'd be happy to! Totally without a car we cannot live where we live right now as there is no bus connection unless you walk 5 km first but if the winter stays as warm and without snow we could definitely take the bike to the nearest store. Also I should take the bus more often into town and we only had to drive to the bus-stop. Yesterday, instead of driving back home and back to Uppsala this morning I also simply stayed at a friend's place overnight and saved myself the trip. We had also a very nice long conversation in the evening hours.

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