Sunday, January 15, 2012

Take a break

I had a 5 hours exam on Friday and was completely exhausted afterwards so I decided that I needed a break from both studying and computers. This means though that I'm a bit behind in the January Money Diet challange.

Day 13: Repurpose something

Can't think of anything creative right now, might get back to you on this one.

Day 14: Connect with your neighbours

As we are living in our landlord's guesthouse on their yard we know at least him very well and we have tried to help him with some yard work and he has helped us with various things. He just bought a puppy I'm curious to get to know and I think we might be able to help out with the pup also. Altough the other neighbours in the area we really don't very much yet but perhaps we get to know them little by little.

Day 15: Explore the library

The library I go to mostly is the University library, not only to borrow books but to work on projects, study and hang out. I should maybe check out if they have any other books than student literature, on the other hand I really don't have time to read much more than the course books at the moment.

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