Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend challanges

Day 20-Plan your Garden

The garden we have here in Sweden we are sharing with our landlord's so I just follow order's if anything needs to be done. I'm not sure they'd appriciate us changing the whole place, it's really nice how it is. However, we're gonna ask about the birdfeeder that has fallen down if we can reinstall it and put some food in there. Seems we are getting our first proper snow now so I think the small birds might use some food.

Day 21-Cook a Vegetarian Meal

I wrote a bit about what we have cooked vegeterian here and here. Today I think we are going for this one. I also downloaded a how to cook everything vegetarian app to my Iphone, not sure I will rememebr to use it though, I really should take more advantage of the app's I've got.
Will defenitely also check our the recipies on the site that they recommended on the HappySimpleLiving blog.

Day 22-Find Cash With a Financial Tuneup

This post reminded me of the fact that I was supposed to check for a better (read: cheaper) car insurance option. Turns out that in Sweden you are not allowed to change your car insurance for a year once you started it. Uh? This was news to me. Ou well, next year then we'll check for a cheaper option.

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