Sunday, January 22, 2012

What we've been doing on the weekend

Here's the reason why I haven't updated for a while. We finally took the time to do something about the backside of the room we can call Stefan's home office, which was related to day 17's challange. First we needed to go though all the papers that was stuck there and throw out the stuff we didn├Ąt need. Then we decided we needed some sort of shelf to put all the papers in otherwise it's gonna look just as messy as before. So taking the trash to the recycling station we took a visit to the second hand shop and we found a shelf for about 10 EUR that was perfect. Lucky!


and after:

Stefan's home office room is not usually the room I spend most time in but now I don't feel so bad about going in there, before it reminded me mostly of all the papers we needed to go through and that it was a mess.

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