Friday, February 10, 2012

Be kind to your digestive system

I like the part in this video where she says that the processed noodles are made to survive armageddon, no wonder processed food is tough on our digestive system as well!

Video found here.

So what did you have for lunch and how does your tummy feel about it?


  1. That's so's hard to give up on some foods but sometimes things like this are what is needed.

    I recently saw a motivational poster that had a twinkie on it and something like "healthy eating tip #27: the longer the shelf life the shorter your life"

    Isn't that the truth?
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  2. I'm so glad I gave up all processed foods.....ewwwwww.... hopefully this video will help others make healthier choices for themselves.

    Stopping by from Reduce Footprints

  3. Kris> Glad you found your way here. That is so true indeed,someone wise said that we shouldn't think about why eco-food is so expensive but how "normal" food can be so cheap.

    Kelly> Thanks for the stop-by, what a nice blog you have.