Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carbon Fast week one

I know I'm a bit late but since I thought I'd jump on to the Reduce Footprints carbon fast challenge for the Lent.

Here is last week's challenges day per day:

  • Day 1 - Calculate your carbon footprint

    I did this at Here is the result:
YOUR FOOTPRINT: 21 tons CO2 per year.
I would like to offset tons this year.
or pounds this year.

I have no idea is that good or bad? Could be better I guess! Most tons come from the fact that we have a house in Finland and live on rent here. But I wonder if the house in Finland counts as we are not living there so we do not heat it up.

  • Day 2 - Say no to bottled water and drink tap water

    Done! Luckily water in Finland and Sweden are good to drink from the tap. I miss mineral water sometimes though, I should drink more water probably but I'm not so good with remembering to drink plain water unless I'm really thirsty.
  • Day 3 - Only use your washing machine when you have a full load

    No problem either. None of us is very keen on doing laundry so we will "forget" about it until the washing doesn't fit in the dirty laundry basket anymore.
  • Day 4 - Get a home energy audit from your local utility company

    Hmmm, we have a thingy on the wall counting the energy we use, does that count? It doesn't say where it is used though.
  • Day 5 - Save energy in the kitchen

    Need to remember to keep the lid on the pans and pots more often!
  • Day 6 - Remove one light bulb from your home

    Which one is the question. We have lived with one less in the living room since we moved as the lamp is broken and no light bulb stays in place, so no more from that lamp.

    I say Stefan's office but I'm sure he doesn't agree!
  • Day 7 - Learn about current scientific thinking on how extreme weather events are caused by climate change

    I will hopefully have time to read up on this during the weekend. We're doing a trip to Finland for a wedding so perhaps on the train or the boat. Hopefully. Right now I need to pack up the dog's things so I can leave him at my friend's place tomorrow for the time we'll be away. We're gonna miss him!

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