Monday, February 27, 2012

Eco Deodorant

If there is something that I've been a bit reluctant to change to ecological on the personal hygiene part is the deodorant. It's horrible to find out that the one smelling sweat is acctually yourself, but then again I am not too keen on using deodorants that contain aluminium.

So at first I used eco deodorants only at home and my old deodorants when going out ( they needed to be used up as well, right?) Now, gradually I use mostly the Rosenserien deodorant and sometimes my Madára deodorant. I usually love Madáda's products but the deodorant was perhaps a bit too herby for me. The Rosenserien one is more "soft" in smell, which I like better.

Anyhow, before during winters I used to get really dry under my arms and yesterday I realized that it's springtime and I have not been dry under the arms for the whole winter so far! Can it really make such a difference?! That's great! I'm not changing back even if I feel a bit unsecure about my smelliness sometimes. I've heard though that it might take a bit of time before you feel the eco deodorants are working as well as the not-eco ones as your body is sweating out the toxins from before.

Not sure I am bold enough to try making my own deodorant from coconut oil just yet though!

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