Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eco vs. Conventional

A week ago a friend (unfortunately her blog is invites only) showed the difference of conventional egg versus eco eggs in the pan when she was frying them and pointed out how "waterish" the conventional ones are compared to eco eggs.

I had surprisingly never even thought that there would be such a difference (maybe cause we always try to buy eco eggs) so I did my own experiment.

I cracked them first in two separate bowls and you can maybe guess that the one more transparent is the conventional egg. The difference was not super obvious though.

After I put them into the pan. The conventional one spread out much more whereas the eco egg stayed together much better.

After they were cooked the eco egg looked much more full and white compared to the conventional one.

Now I should of course have done a tasting test as well but the eggs ended up on separate plates. Lori did quite a cool tasting test though on CSA Eggs vs. Organic Store bought eggs if you are interested in reading up more on eggs.

Some days after this I was toasting sunflower seeds and finished up the old package so tossed in some of the eco-ones from the new package and here you could really see the difference. The bigger ones are ecologically grown.

I was quite suprised as I thought the old ones were eco as well but after some research it turned out they are only marketed as "green" as they are heatlhy for you and don't contain any additives but they are not organically grown. So another thing to keep in mind next time I go shopping.

On top of this the eco-milk for example really has a much better taste than the normal one.

Have you noticed any difference in eco and conventional food?

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