Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair colouring with herb colours

It's been some time since I was at the eco hairdresser and my own dull "grayish" colour started showing more and more.

So I decided it was time to try out colouring by non-chemical herb colours. I used Sante's Nutbrown colour. When using herbs you cannot really go much blonder than what you are so this colour was relatively close to my own colour. For a darker colour they said to mix the herbs with red wine or black tea but this time I used only warm water. The mixture smelled a bit like tea anyway so it might have contained some tea leaves.

As the instructions said to put the mixture as warm as possible in your hair I was a bit too impatient and almost burnt myself, better wait 5 min next time!

Here is the result, my hair felt both ticker and had a very nice toffee colour to it.

As it was still much lighter in the ends where I still had the old chemical based colour I asked my friend ( no professional hairdresser but she did a good job) to cut a bit of the lenght away. It's about  about a week after the colouring and now it looks like this:

It has lost most of the intensity but still relatively good. My boyfriend says the light in the picture makes it looks less brown than what it is though.

Next time I might try out to mix the colour with some red wine. Any tips for things to think about when colouring your hair at home with herb colours? Or any favorite brands you can recommend?


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