Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let's talk about it

One thing I've learned when studying environmental issues is that there is usually no easy answer but, as my teacher said, sometimes the answer is not so important but it is more important that we actually bring up the issues and talk and think about it.

I guess what she meant is that if we will have an ongoing discussion on the issues we will work on doing something as well, even if it would be baby steps, additionally thinking about new and creative ideas.

Sometimes it's of course depressing to think that MY effort will actually have no impact but we will have to go big scale for making a difference. This is what Gernot Wagner is arguing in his new book "but will the planet notice?". Basically his saying that we need more and better incentives for more people to get involved into living greener. I thought it was an interesting video, as a business student I find it difficult to balance on the making profit but doing it in a good way line. I'm thinking there must be a different way to build an economy that is not focused on monetary growth. Because it will not be possible to keep growing on resources that are limited.

Funny anecdote, my teacher told us about a proffessor in class very interested in these issues, turned out to be the same guy that brought the subject up in the Beyond Durban seminar I went to. I need to read up on his work!


  1. I agree that just being conscious that all of our actions have an impact is a big step in the right direction. It's true that the net impact of our greener choices is small in the big picture -- we didn't ruin this planet single handedly, and we're not going to fix it that way, either -- but for me, reducing my impact is a responsibility that I owe to myself and the Earth.

    I am very interested in zero growth and less consumer based economies, but I'm not very knowledgeable about economics. I hope you'll post about it some time! Found you via the Reduce Footprints blog hop.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment! Will try to post more on alternative economies :-)

  2. Hey from Reduce Footprints' Meet&Greet!

    Someone has to say this, so I'll be the one here: "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it" - Mahatma Gandhi on another large-scale issue against which the individual seems powerless.

    If we all do _something_ - whatever we can - change will come. We can start small, start where we think we can handle it; it doesn't matter much where you start, but it matters very much _that_ you start. I like to think that the thin end of the wedge works for most everybody (the way it has worked with me).

    And I agree with you, it is important to keep it swirling in our conversation. Because eventually we will reach everybody.

    1. Thanks for the great quote by Gandhi, will defenitely keep that one in mind for the future.

      And yes, hopefully by doing the smallest changes ourselves and talking about them will eventually reach a big scale audience and we'll reach the "tipping point"