Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sign up for the donation register

It's some time ago already that they spoke about organ transplantations on the radio while I was going to Uni and they spoke about the donation register in Sweden. I was thinking I should sign up but didn't get it done until now.

Basically it's a register where you can sign up with your social number to say if they are allowed to use your organs for tranplantations or medicial use in the case that you would die. You can also specify in case you don't want them to use your organs at all, or if you are ok with them using them for transplantations but not for medical tests. It is also easy to sign in afterwards and change the information in case you would change your mind. There is a FAQ page here in case you are thinking about it but want to know more.

I think this sort of register is good, because this might not be an issue you talk about in the dinner table with your closest ones and it might be a very delicate question in a traumatic situation. So it is a way to make sure that the medicals will know what was your will in case of, for example, an accident.

I'm personally fine with them using my organs in case something would happen, expecially if they could save somebody elses life.

I tried to google around to see if Finland would have the same sort of register but couldn't find anything. I guess this works different in different countries but if somebody knows let me know!

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