Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work from home Day

Today is the work from home day in Sweden (jobba hemma dagen).

I definitely believe in more flexibility in the work place, I can understand why some jobs need to be done at a certain time and place but the ordinary office job I can't see no need to stay in the office for. Also meetings can ususally be done over skype nowadays.

Here is a list of reasons by Seth Godin on why not to go to the office:

150 years later, why go to work in an office/plant/factory?
  1. That's where the machines are.
  2. That's where the items I need to work on are.
  3. The boss needs to keep tabs on my productivity.
  4. There are important meetings to go to.
  5. It's a source of energy.
  6. The people I collaborate with all day are there.
  7. I need someplace to go.
  1. If you have a laptop, you probably have the machine already, in your house.
  2. If you do work with a keyboard and a mouse, the items you need to work on are on your laptop, not in the office.
  3. The boss can easily keep tabs on productivity digitally.
  4. How many meetings are important? If you didn't go, what would happen?
  5. You can get energy from people other than those in the same company.
  6. Of the 100 people in your office, how many do you collaborate with daily?
  7. So go someplace. But it doesn't have to be to your office.

Unfortunately, it seems (link in Swedish) that more men are allowed to work from home than women, even if more women thinks that it would improve their every day life. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that more men are in higher positions were it is easier to make own decisions on working hours and place.

Stefan has now worked from home since August and it has turned out very well for us and as far as I know his company has no complaints either. For him the "place to go" for work is a seperate room in the house, not big at all but where we usually don't spend any time otherwise. That creates some sort of sense between when he is at work and not because there is of course the danger that you will work continously at home without taking a proper break if you don't have some sort of system of when you are at work and not. I wrote a bit about the eco-benefits and his office before in this post.

If you are interested in reading more there's a lot of material and links on the Facebook page for working from home day, mostly in Swedish though.

So where and how do you work today? 

I will stay at home working on the assignments and do some studying for Uni, but there are no lessons on the schedule anyway today so I don't need to feel bad for skipping anything.

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