Friday, March 23, 2012

Carbon Fast week 4

  • Day 22 - War affects the environment

    I just went to google and put search word "war and environmental damage" and found heaps of links. I guess it kind of goes without saying that destruction will also cause environmental desctruction
  • Day 23 - Weather and climate change

    I joined on twitter (US) internationally on twitter for day 23
  • Day 24 - Environmental justice

    Here is the link to wikipedia on environmental justice. I know that in Sweden environmental law is gathered under a common name called miljöbalken (link in Swedish)
  • Day 25 - Children and climate change

    Read report on how climate change effects children
  • Day 26 - Climate change and world hunger

    Learn more here.
  • Day 27 - Reuse, recycle and compost

    Trying our best on these. The recycling is probably going a but worst this week because I've been in a flu and lazy, but now we'll try with new strenght, we're changing to summertime on the weekend and it sure is nice weather outdoors right now!
  • Day 28 - Reduce water usage

    Our showerhead broke so this is on our to-do list right now. Not so good for water usage when half of the water is going in all directions except for on you.

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