Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carbon Fast week 5

I've been trying to follow up on the Carbon Fast at Reduce footprints, it's only been a weekly thing here on my blog but do check Reduce Footprints blog out for a lot of inspiring ideas and updates.

Since last week I have bought a new showerhead for the shower since the old one broke, we were thinking of fixing it but it seemed the only way to do it was with glue and we were not sure it was really gonna hold. So I went and bought one that's supposed to save on the water it's using and it has a five year warranty. This one should therefore not broke immidietly I hope! Now I need to find out where to recycle the old one.
  • Day 29 - Have a truly "Green" lawn and garden

    No chemicals are used in our garden so this one is a defenite check. Talking about gardening, Treehuggers' 10 top list on gardening blogs is still on my to-be-checked-out list.
  • Day 30 - World Water Day

    For world water day I did a little poll on how often you wash your jeans. I thought it was quite interesting that Levis thought it was an exceptional thing to encourage theit employees to go a week without washing their jeans. I think they could do better! Like starting to look at how much water is used in the production of a pair of jeans and how we could reduce that?
    Seems so far that the people who have answered my poll only wash their jeans when dirty. Good!
  • Day 31 - Be conscious about water and energy use when washing dishes

    This I need to get better at! Stefan is a lot better than me, good thing he does the dishes more often-I get to do the cooking. (works for me!)
  • Day 32 - Take a shower instead of a bath

    We never take a bath at home, in fact we don't even have a bath-tube. In Finland I think it is more usual to have a Sauna than a bath-tube, not that the Sauna does not consume energy though, but that is something that for me would be difficult to give up. Ours is heated up by wood thoug and not electricity. In Sweden so far I haven't seen many bath-tubes either.
  • Day 33 - Save paper

    I should buy some cloth-napkins instead of using the paper-towels, especially for the dining, I'm so clumpsy I use way too much paper, I'm hoping to stumble upon some nice once second-hand ones.
  • Day 34 - Keep your highway driving speed between 55 and 60 mph

    I had to convert this to km/'s about 80-100 km/hour. I will think of this next time I drive!

  • Day 35 - Company travel and managing environmental footprint

    As I'm a student at the moment I don't have to travel and luckily Stefan does not either have to travel much for work. 1-2 times per year is usually how much he travels which is quite little for the job he does, but that is really convienient for us. Let's hope that we can continue like that in the future.

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