Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Carbon Fast week two

We're on to week two in the Carbon Fast.

Last week I was in such a hurry I forgot two add the links for Day 7- Learn about current scientific thinking on how extreme weather events are caused by climate change: here and here.

We still have to remove one lightbulb from our home as well for Day 6.

  • Day 8 - Reduce the number of plastic bags you use

    Our latest dilemma at home is: if we don't put the trash in plastic bags, were do we put it? Any tips on this? We're not yet that good that we wouldn't create any trash and somehow we both have a feelind that we're suppose to put the trash for being burnt into sealed bags, but I better try to check up on that.
  • Day 9 - Think about greening your "final arrangements"

    Whoooa! I'm not really into thinking about my own funeral yet but I sign up for organ donation just recently so that we'll do for now. Here are some good tips though from Reduce Footprints blog by Elizabeth Fournier.

    1. Choose a locally sourced, all-wood casket without metal hardware, finished in natural oil and with a natural, biodegradable interior and bedding. A biodegradable shroud inside a cardboard coffin is an alternative.
    2. Ask for non-toxic, organic embalming fluid, or insist on none at all (this may limit the viewing period because embalming slows decomposition).
    3. Donate your organs.
    4. Insist on no concrete vault or grave liner. Ask about using an indigenous rock or planting a shrub as a marker.
    5. For cremation, ask that your dental fillings be removed to prevent mercury from entering the atmosphere.
    6. Request a donation to a land conservation organization instead of flowers.
  • Day 10 - Host a party with friends and neighbors to watch and discuss a film on the environment

    Will try to think of some movie to watch soon!
  • Day 11 - Plant a tree

    Unfortunately, there is still snow on the ground but I could perhaps try to plant something indoors that I can move out once spring is here.
  • Day 12 - Don't eat any meat

    Not sure I followed this on the day I was supposed to but today I've had porridge, yoghurt, mushroom risotto and bread with cheese. I'm pretty boring when I have to eat alone.
  • Day 13 - Put on a sweater and turn down your thermostat

    Double check!
  • Day 14 - Ask your electricity and gas suppliers if they have a green or renewable energy plan

    Unfortunately, at the moment we're just paying the electricity to the landlord so it's up to him what enery plan he has.

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