Monday, April 9, 2012

Carbon Fast week 6 part 2

The Carbon Fast ended yesterday, so here is a last update, hope you've all had a great Easter holiday.

  • Buy food that's being grown or produced locally
    I find it hard though to find both locally AND organic food, if I need to choose I usually choose organic.
    I can't wait until we will actually spend a whole spring and summer in the same place with our own garden so we can start growing some stuff ourselves.
  • Learn about how much freshwater are used on power plantsReport here.
  • Justice and care for the earth are inseparable.
    Learn about the Earth Charter initiative for a sustainable development, find activities around the world here.
  • Replace the light bulb you removed on Day 6 with a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), which can save 150 lbs. of carbon dioxide a year - unless you've decided you don't need it at all.I hope that any new lamps we have in this house are all low energy ones, but I might have to check with Stefan to be sure. 
So how did the whole fast go all in all? I think I learned a few new things during the fast, which is always great. Also I think it's good to be reminded about the small things continuously like, turning off lights, electricity appliances and be careful with water use. I hope that these things will be in the backbone of the younger generations bit for me some things still require learning a new habit. Luckily turning off the lamps when I leave a room is becoming a habit but for sure I can still get better when it comes to other things.

I've followed the Carbon Fast through Reduce Footprints who has an interesting week coming up, teaming up with SB-Knight for a book release.

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