Thursday, April 5, 2012

Carbon Fast week 6

Last week ongoing in the Carbon Fast challenge.

  • Day 36 - Bicycle sharing

    Learn about bicycle sharing.

    A bicycle sharing system is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals who do not own them. (by Wikipedia)

    There seems to be a lot of bike sharing systems in bigger cities, I know Helsinki used to have one as well but if I remember correctly they stopped it as it was too expensive to maintain the bikes.

  • Day 37 - Address your "standby" habits

    Try to redce "standby" electricity appliances by turning them off.

    We have become good at turning of the TV and the Playstation, on occasion the phone chargers are still left plugged though when not charging so we still need to get better.
  • Day 38 - Read about climate change

    Reduce Footprints give you the link to Huff Post about climate change.
  • Day 39 - Celebrate Earth Hour

    I saved my posts about our Earth Hour under earth hour label.
  • Day 40 - Walk, bike, take public transportation or carpool

    Will do! More so now when spring is coming...Even if they are still showing we will have more snow tomorrow, I hope not! I really would like to take my bike out already!
  • Day 41 - Eco Justice

    Katharina at Neosolidaritet posted just the other day a fantastic picture about the difference between rich and poor.

    Also Global Rich list is a fantastic page where you really start thinking about how rich you are....I think the result is gonna suprise you! Try!
  • Day 42 - End junk mail

    We managed to reduce our junk mail quite a bit just by putting a "no advertisement" sign on our mailbox. Since then I also learned that in Sweden you can join a list on a site called Reklamfritt to reduce junk mail, however, it turned out not to be so useful for me as I've been living so short time still in Sweden and companies have not got hold of my adress yet.

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