Monday, April 23, 2012

If you go for Fashion go for Quality and Classics

I'm not too much into fashion myself but like almost any girl of course I can appreciate a nice piece of clothes and I can also understand how difficult it can be to stand against the marketing campaigns and trends, been myself into the vicious circle of shopping as well. So I was happy to see that my friend Olesja took up this subject in her fashion blog. She compares cheap fashion to fast food, which in a sense describes the situation very well. Usually, things bought in cheap clothes stores are not designed to last longer than a few months and their purpose is only to serve us the trend as long as it lasts.

This is not very sustainable in any way. I think the argument I hear most often from people shopping "cheap" is that they cannot afford quality. However, I think shopping second hand or vintage, unfortunately, has an undeserved bad reputation. Just see what treasures Char (blog in Finnish and Swedish) found in second hand shops in Helsinki. Real classics and not cheap copies!

Her style in general is very much desirable if you want to have a style that lasts through trends. I prefer a bit more colour but bearing in mind what trends could lasts is always a good guideline and if you happen to stumble upon such a piece of course you'd prefer quality so that it actually lasts. See more posts on second hand by Char here. In case you live in Helsinki she gives away her favorite second hand stores here.

On classics, I stumbled upon this NK campaign video on Nina Ã…kestam's blog (in Swedish). Nice to see a marketing campaign with clothes & sustainability in mind!

All in all, with a few classics in your wardrobe you will manage with less clothes as classics usually works for different occasions and fits well with almost anything and if you buy good quality you will not need to shop as often as the garments will last.

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