Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Earth Hour Day

In the end we couldn't make it to the restaurant yesterday so we settled for the Barista Fairtrade cafe.

They have always fresh sandwiches that are mostly made of Eco ingredients.

The Eco Now exhibition was nice but unfortunately (for the exhibitors) there was not so much people. It was good for us though because we had time to stop and talk with people and enjoy everything from cosmetics to Eco-wine.

In the evening we turned of the lights and enjoyed a nice dinner according to plan.

I had to use flash for this photo, therefore the brightness. In the end I did a chickpea stew with inspiration from here. (recipe in Swedish) I did some small adjustments though because we didn't have paprika nor nuts at home and we were too late home from Stockholm to make it to the store.

300 g chickpeas
1 onion
 1 clove of garlic
1 spoon of sambal oelek
 2 fresh tomatoes
1 jar crossed tomatoes
1 green chili
1 spoon vegetable broth
chili pepper

I fried the onion for a bit before I added the rest of ingredients and then let it simmer for a while and served with fresh bread. It was really good, a bit spicy for sure but I like it hot!

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