Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reduce and avoid excess packaging

Recently there has been some nice posts on excess packaging and unnecessary plastic in particular. Beth started a campaign against Trader Joe's in US, Tanja started #plastriot on twitter against unnecessary plastic in our everyday life (link in Swedish) and the Rubbish Diet had a nice post on Nestlé's redesigned Easter packaging.

The fact that we haven't come up with any better way to pack for example fruit in the store is disheartening, especially since most of the plastic will just go straight to the rubbish bin! Even if the plastic is recyclable in some cases how many of us have the knowledge and interest to actually do it?

Our last fruit shopping unfortunately brought home more plastic as well.

This doesn't go only for plastic and fruit, but for all product packaging and all material. If businesses would manage to lessen the material used for packaging it would not only be good for the planet but it would be a cost reduction as well. For necessary packaging I am sure there is materials that would be compostable or organic that we could replace the plastic with, so I wonder why is there still so much plastic around?

I try to consider the packaging when I buy something but sometimes it is hard to predict (for example when buying from the Internet) and other times it is unavoidable, like when buying vegetables and fruit (because I need my greens and I am not gonna drive another extra 50 km just to get them without plastic). I also wonder if packaging is sometimes forgotten when designing an Eco-friendly product? For example the apples on my picture, they were Eco-apples but were still wrapped in plastic, such a shame! Let's hope that more companies are awakening to this problem as the campaigns against plastic get going.

Remember the song about not forgetting your canvas bag at home? Here you have another song to inspire you in your search for plastic free alternatives.

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