Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry for the technical misses!

It's been several times, in several posts I've had some problems with the videos I've wanted to post and I'm sorry for that! It seems thay are there when I write the post but when I schedule it for being posted later, they dissapear. Anyway, now the video in my last post is added and as well. Do check it out.


  1. I can relate!! And I suspect it's because of some changes being made in Blogspot. Today I went to create a post and ... everything was different. And, of course, all the settings were messed up. Ugh! Ah well ... I suppose it keeps us on our toes, right? Hopefully it will all settle down and we won't have any more trouble. Glad you got your videos up and running! :-)

    1. Even if it is not nice, it is nice to hear that somebody else is also experiencing the same problems. Thanks for sharing and let's hope that Blogspot get their act togheter to fix the problems! It takes some of the fun out of blogging when it doesn't turn out as one thought. Hopefully, you managed to fix your post as well :-)